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Hawkins is a booming city where the police department works to the best of their efforts to keep the crime levels in the city at a minimum. Unfortunately, there are still several cases of city crime recorded every month where the victims did not survive.

Apart from the general assumption of what a crime being a homicide or an accident, it also involves victims of suicide. As painful it is for Hawkins’s citizens, the work of the police department and forensic team ends with their collection of data and taking it back to the lab. However, the families are left to deal with the aftermath with a messed up property

We know that recovery from grief, especially when you require child support in case of crimes, is difficult, and cleaning can be one more stone on your shoulders. A crime scene cleanup is a tedious job, which involves bioremediation to remove biohazard waste such as blood, mold, and other remains at a given crime scene.

KleenupSolutions of Hawkins Texas is certified in the industry of has years of expertise in the job of biohazardous work such as crime scene cleanup. For a reasonable and affordable compensation, our team comes to the crime scene and conducts a thorough cleanup after a full scan of the area. Using top-grade materials, our teams ensure the crime scene is left sterile and safe to protect anyone else from infections and injuries.

After a crime being committed against a victim, there is a small window of time for the investigating teams to collect their samples for evidence before the scene becomes contaminated. It is risky, especially if you have a child in the vicinity as they are more sensitive. Our clean up services are the best in Texas, and so are our methods of safe waste disposal post the crime scene clean up.

biohazard, death and crime scene cleanup in Hawkins TX


Having to deal with the aftermath of a near and dear one or tenant being the victim of a city crime in Hawkins, makes it hard to process things when you need to support the rest of the family or take care of legal procedures.

Our crime scene cleanup teams are the best at doing the job for you without you having to worry a second about our efficiency. We check the property affected from top to bottom to find any traces of bio-contamination and wipe out everything to make the environment sterile. Once the crime investigators are done with their inspection and clear the scene for cleaning, we step in and take away the pain of you having to spend hours or days trying to get bloodstains off the hardwood floor and carpets. Rely on us to have your back and turn your property into a safe place free from contamination and reminders.


A crime scene doesn’t just cover homicides. Sometimes, the crimes committed include arson and biohazard works to affect more significant numbers of crime victims. After such a crime, the areas are sealed to keep the contamination from spreading onto more people. Hence, calling a certified crime scene cleanup company like ours to conduct an extensive bioremediation process to decontaminate the area is essential for such places to be habitable again. We use tools and suits that are equipped to handle biohazard crime scenes in Hawkins, especially.


It doesn’t matter what the type of crime is, but we all know that bloodstains on the flowing, panels, walls, and carpet are impossible to remove using natural products. Even after the case has been solved or the court has cleared the property for reoccupation, cleaning these places with ordinary cleaning products will create problems such as a job half done, blood showing up in the UV light, and more hygiene issues.

Our teams are experts with the right cleaning products certified by the industry to remove the bloodstains left behind after crime on the scene.


The death of a close family member, friend or in commercial cases, an employee or tenant is always a stressful event. It becomes hard to juggle between the legal proceedings and looking after the property damage. If the death was natural, but the body was found much later, there are high chances of the area being contaminated through the air, bodily fluids, and insects. At such times, you need to call home professional crime scene cleanup services like ours to get every bit of waste and safely dispose of it. We are incredibly reliable and will make the rest of the process easier by taking this task off your hands.


Murders or homicides are the top crime committed in every part of the world, including Hawkins TX. This leaves a lot of crime scenes with the risk of being left unattended by specialists after the investigation window closes. Not cleaning up the area on time can create more problems and permanent damage to the property’s appearance. Hence, appointing clean up company who are certified by industry standards bring a considerable difference.

We are trained professionals who know what to look for and how to leave the cleared crime scene spotless without any trace of bio residue.


Conducting hazmat cleanups at a crime scene in Hawkins can be done only when a company has been legally certified. Our teams put in an extraordinary time and effort to conduct extensive hazmat cleanups all around Texas. By bringing in the top equipment and cleanup technology, we have the best hazmat cleanup service you could opt for. Once you assign us the task, worrying about the cleaning is our job. All you need to be prepared for is to receive a perfectly sterile property.


The victims of suicides leave behind their loved ones in pain because of the act and also because most often, the bodies are discovered much later. When the police department is called in to investigate, the body is already in its stages of decay. It needs to be processed as soon as possible to be cleared to be taken away without causing toxic contamination to the property. Once the property is cleared from being a crime scene, the families are busy with funeral preparations. This is when we come in to help clean up the scene of the suicide and leave it sterile. It is at an affordable price that you can get access to a helpful suicide cleanup service while you support the family and grieving members. Our company takes complete accountability for the process from start to finish, every step of the way.

If you’re worried about the hassle of approaching us, we understand the difficulty a family faces during such times. Just give us a call from your home, and we will respond immediately. Finding your location is no big task as we extensively map our areas of service. The nearest team available will visit you and give your property a full cleaning at a reasonable cost. Once we are done cleaning, the Hawkins property will look as good as new, without affecting your chances of a resale or immediate occupation.

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